• Yvette Brown of Community

    Yvette Brown

  • Neil Mcdonough

    Neil McDonough

  • Francis Naumann Otto Naumann

    Francis & Otto Naumann, Art Dealers, Urbino, Italy , 2010

  • Dunn Edwards Paints

    Dunn Edwards Paints - Client: Phelps

  • Sony Vaio World Cup soccer Ad

    Client: ignited

  • Something Wicked Movie Poster

    'Something Wicked' Movie Poster - Client: Blood & Chocolate

  • Vince Gilligan Breaking Bad

    Vince Gilligan

  • Barry Jenkins

    Barry Jenkins

  • 2 Live Crew

    2 Live Crew

  • Switched At Birth

    'Switched At Birth' Show Creator and Writers

  • Beauty and the Geek

    Warner Bros 'Beauty and the Geek' / Client : the ant farm

  • Show Magazine Michele Michel

    FEC Show Magazine featuring Michele Michel

  • Julian Fellowes

    Julian Fellowes

  • Roger Sanchez

    Roger Sanchez Promotion

  • Vivite

    Vivite B&W outake

  • Middle - Creator and Writing Team

    'Middle' Creator and Writing Team

  • Roger Sanchez - Release Yourself

    Roger Sanchez Promotion