• LA Mayor Eric Garcetti

    LA Mayor Eric Garcetti

  • Emma Thompson

    Emma Thompson

  • DGA Comedy Directors

    Comedy Directors

  • James Hahn

    Ex Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn

  • James L. Brooks

    James L. Brooks

  • Michael Moore

    Michael Moore

  • Barry Jenkins

    Barry Jenkins

  • Steven Zaillian

    Steven Zaillian

  • Julian Fellowes

    Julian Fellowes

  • F. X. Feeney

    F. X. Feeney

  • Vince Gilligan Breaking Bad

    Vince Gilligan

  • John Saxon

    John Saxon

  • Geoffrey Fletcher

    Geoffrey S. Fletcher

  • Norman Corwin

    Norman Corwin

  • Ron Overmyer "Hollywood Dog"

    Ron Overmyer

  • Johnny O'Hara

    Johnny O'Hara

  • Lizzy Weiss 'Switched at Birth' creator

    Lizzy Weiss

  • Francis Naumann Otto Naumann

    Francis & Otto Naumann, Art Dealers, Urbino, Italy , 2010

  • Parks & Rec Creator and Writing Team

    'Parks & Rec' Creators and Writing Team

  • Middle - Creator and Writing Team

    'Middle' Creator and Writing Team

  • Ronnie

    Ronnie Tru Boxing

  • MTV Awkward

    MTV 'Awkward' Show Creator and Writing Team

  • Switched At Birth

    'Switched At Birth' Show Creator and Writers

  • Ugly Betty

    Ugly Betty Writing Team

  • Oliver Stone

    Oliver Stone

  • Kyle Richards - Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Nourage

    Kyle Richards

  • Alexander Payne

    Alexander Payne

  • Pretty Little Liars Writers

    'Pretty Little Liars' Creators and Writing Team

  • Stanley Weiser

    Stanley Weiser

  • Vivite

    Vivite B&W outake

  • Ruth Livier

    Ruth Livier

  • Neil Mcdonough

    Neil McDonough

  • Curtis Armstrong Booger Show Magazine

    Curtis Armstrong

  • Ali LeRoi

    Ali LeRoi

  • Billy Ray

    Billy Ray